Currencies 3

The Smart Currency Converter

Currencies for iOS

Introducing Currencies 3.0, your new currency converter. This brand new version has been rethought and rebuilt from scratch. Currencies 3.0 takes a completely new approach to exchange rate conversions.


Today Widget

Need to get a quick look at the current conversion rates? Add Currencies to your iPhone's Today view and access that information quickly.

Tap on a currency to make it source and instantly update the conversion rates.

Follows You Everywhere

Currencies can track your location and can automatically set the local currency as your source when you travel to another country. Neat!


Paste any text that includes a numeric value into Currencies on your iPhone and the app will figure out what to do.

Include a currency code or symbol and Currencies will automatically set it as the source currency!


Currencies for Apple Watch

Perform conversions right from your wrist. We have thought this through quite a bit and Currencies takes advantage of this new revolutionary device in ways we could only imagine some years ago.

Currencies for Apple Watch is included with the Currencies for iOS app.

Dictation Powered

Currencies is built to take advantage of dictation on your Apple Watch.

Tap the top amount, select a previous amount or tap the dictation button to initiate a currency conversion.

Only the Essential

Select a currency from your favorite or recent items.

The required currency is not there? Tap the source amount and dictate the currency name or a country. Currencies will figure it out.